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Open Platform Communications (OPC) Software

OPC software simplifies the communication between OS programs and industrial hardware devices. OPC software converts hardware communication protocols used by programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), protection devices (IEDs), metering devices, and other similar industrial devices into the OPC protocol and stores all the collected data in the OPC server.

Enilit OPC server software ensures a seamless, secure, and reliable flow of information among devices from multiple vendors and was created following global OPC standards.

Enilit OPC Server Features

User-friendly interface – quick and easy server configuration even for the first-time users


Online server configuration - all server configuration is done online, no reboot is needed for the new settings to take effect 


User-defined branches and Tag names – all branches and tags can be defined by the system administrator 


Data calculation, logic – simple internal data processing 


High-level cyber security – integrated security concepts that meet modern-day industry standards (data encryption, user authentication, signing, server protocol) 


End-to-End – no need for additional software, OPC server collects all the data from industrial devices and provides aggregated data to the end-user 

Scalable technology – the server can store all the required information of your ever-expanding industrial devices network 

Simple integration – easy and straightforward integration of new devices 

Redundant – for maximum safety, the second OPC server can be created which will work redundantly with the main OPC server. In the case of the main server going offline, the second server will continue to collect and store all the important data 

High interoperability – vendor-independent and platform-neutral server operation allows to connect the OPC server to devices from multiple vendors and access server data whilst using different operating systems 

Fast and reliable – a direct connection to all automation levels allows fast and reliable data transfer 

Ethernet-based – built to be integrated into existing Ethernet infrastructure 

Enilit OPC Server
Enilit OPC Server